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Portable Picks For Traveling With Kids

INF4764Travelling with kids and stressing about how to keep them occupied? Obviously you cannot carry all their toys with them and most often when on holiday kids do not actually wish to play with their usual toys and instead entertain themselves with exploring their new surroundings. However, the trip itself can be difficult with prolonged travel often taking its toll on your child"s patience and not to mention your own! This can be easily overcome with a few practical toys that you take with you, such as Djeco felt tips.
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Djeco felt tips are packed in easy to carry around packaging and come in a variety of long lasting colours. Couple this with a blank art book or colouring book and your children will be occupied for hours. To help them add oomph to their art, take along a packet of metallic markers as well. Also get your hands on a dot to dot colouring book, which will keep them occupied as they first join the dots to complete the picture and then have fun colouring the picture in. You could also take along a drawing stencil set, choosing a theme depending on your child"s interests, such as dragons, dinosaurs, vehicles or princesses. This again allows them to be creative and completely concentrate on outlining their picture and then colouring it. A magnetic while board is another good travel option as kids can play with the fun magnets on the board and create pictures with the colourful markers. The board is easy to wipe clean so kids can start all over again, with a fresh new picture.

Or how about an origami, animals or faces, paper modelling kit, which is custom made for young users, allowing them to enjoy this delicate art with minimum hassle. It also comes with pre-printed faces and stickers, which is bound to keep kids occupied. Stickers are another great idea as they are easy to carry around and come in so many different varieties, such as pirate stickers or princess stickers, so that you can be sure your little ones will be quiet for quite a while.

Your little girl will be more than ready for the journey with a travelling vanity kit, so she can have imaginative fun preparing herself either for the trip or the end destination. Older kids will enjoy cards with pictures on them which are ideal for memory games, such as pairing similar pictures by remembering their exact locations. This helps build up memory skills while introducing good clean competitiveness.

Travelling with kids need no longer be stressful with Djeco toys, as with the correct educational toys your kids will be entertained right throughout the journey.

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