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Flitch Green Academy

Students at the UK public school Flitch Green Academy use iPad, Mac, and iPod touch to create unique learning experiences. Flitch Green is a public elementary/middle school located just outside of London. This modern eco-friendly version of a village school was designed to be the hub of the community - where the teachers support the kids so they feel safe to explore, to ask questions, and even to make mistakes. The school was built on the principle that there needs to be a purpose to learning, and that children learn best from an innovative curriculum that teaches through first-hand experience and discovery.

The founders of Flitch Green designed a creative curriculum that allows children to develop skills for the 21st century. The school's philosophy is that learning is not just about gaining knowledge and acquiring facts - it's that you need to be able to do something with those facts. This purposeful learning needs a strong investment in technology, That's where Mac, iPad, and iPod touch come in.

Flitch Green Academy
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