Best of 2013

Best of 2013

Best History Games For Kids

Browse apps for learning the history of the world from ancient times to the present day. View high-definition historical documents and maps, watch videos, play interactive games, read relevant quotations, and more.

Our "Best History Games For Kids" list represents the best as determined by our ranking of expert opinion. Learn more about our ranking technology.


Guess The Year

Guess the year

The History Detective Kids on where Kids can play detectives games. Learn how to crack mysterious codes and become super-sleuths. ...
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Sid Meiers

sid meiers

Sid Meier's Civilization takes the award-winning strategy series to the next level with new tools to manage and expand your civilization, extensive modding capabilities, and an intensely competitive multiplayer option. Civilization V's breathtaking graphics, epic battles, and new diplomatic interactions lure players into the famous "one more turn" mentality yet again, and an extensive suite of com ...
TAGS: History Games Online Games Best Toys

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Bbc Schools Primary History

BBC Schools Primary History

The BBC has been committed to learning since its very first schools broadcast in 1924. That commitment is part of its core mission and drives much of its output. Over the years many people have started on a journey of discovery and learning as a result of something they have seen or heard on the BBC - something which has sparked their curiosity, led to a lifelong interest or helped develop a skill ...
TAGS: History Games Early Civilizations Online Games 1st Grade Best Toys

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