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Speech and Language Apps
ABA Flash
In this set of 52 images, learn actions via text, photo, and real

ArtikPix - Full
In the free/full versions, ArtikPix has ▀ashcard and matching
activities with 913 possible double-sided cards to practice
speech articulation in words and sentences.

Skills HD Visual modeling of communication skills.
DAF Assistant Delayed auditory feedback and frequency shifting to help
improve stuttering.

Social Skills HD Visual modeling of social skills.
Decibel On devices with a built-in mic, shows decibel level. Useful for
measuring background noise in classrooms.

iCommunicate for iPad
Pre-loaded pictures and storyboards/routines (e.g., schedule)
facilitate language comprehension.

iSpeak Spanish Uses high quality text-to-speech to translate English to Spanish
and Spanish to English.

iSpeech List of sounds for developmental ages 3 to 7+, and
explanations for forming and teaching the sounds.

iTranslate Plus Translate words and whole sentences in 52 languages, and
use text-to-speech with 43 voices in 16 languages.

Learn to Talk
Over 160 interactive ▀ashcards to learn nouns, verbs, early
syntax, and word combinations.

My Pictures
Talk Video modeling tool.

Model Me Going Places
With 6 locations (e.g., playground), each has photos (with
narration) of children modeling the behavior.

Pocket SLP Articulation
With 400 images, practice phonemes in various positions of
words or sentences, and save/email data.

Sentence Builder
With 100 pictures, it helps elementary aged children to build
grammatically correct sentences.

Smarty Speech
Over 600 words (organized by sound) to practice articulation in
▀ashcards with user and data features.

Speech with Milo: Prepositions
An animated mouse demonstrates prepositions.
Talking Carl+ Encourages verbal output by recording and playing back what
is said in an altered voice. Carl laughs when he s tickled, yells
when he s tapped, can play the trumpet.
With built-in data tracking, there are over 300 ĎwhË questions
for who, what, where, why, how.

Children s Book Apps

The Cat in the Hat
The interactive book is narrated with words that highlight as
they re read, and zoom when pictures are touched.

Curious George
B-day In this book, discover George s birthday surprise as you listen
to the book or record your voice.

Emperor s New
Clothes The classic has been slightly altered to accompany a narrated
book with original art.

Goldilocks &
The 3 Bears The interactive book has story narration with words that are
highlighted as they re read.

ICDL Books for
Children Thousands of children s books (e.g., Three Little Pigs) from 60
countries in various languages with illustrations.

iMotherGoose -
Bugs Talking picture book with full color pictures that speak the insect
name when touched.

iStoryTime Kids
Books The books are illustrated, include text, and are narrated with
pages that turn automatically or manually.

Kiwa Qbooks Books with professional voice recording and text highlighting;
option to record your own version of the text; coloring pages as
part of the book. Many different titles, lite versions available.

Little Red
Riding Hood The talking, interactive book has story narration paired with text
and animated objects.


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