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2 cents Worth is just that, it's the change in my pocket at one particular moment. It is a place where I record the thoughts and ideas that shape themselves in my head as I read, listen, talk, and observe. I write in this blog to have my ideas criticized, deconstructed, recombined, added to, and, when possible, to be used.

We do not like to describe blogging by comparing it to a diary. But it would not be inaccurate to call this blog just that. It is a diary of my greater mind, my experiences, observations, and reflections, mixed in with the responses of an eclectic community of readers - who are often the smarter part of me.It is a conversation.I blog to learn.

I do not promise answers here. I will ask far more questions.

Many of the barriers that prevent us from modernizing our education systems come from the baggage of outdated notions about teaching, learning, curriculum, our children, and their future. Asking questions seems to be one way of probing and provoking new perceptions about what we do, why we do it, and how we might adapt within an almost constantly changing environment.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading this blog. It is not always serious and it is not always about education. It comes from a non-traditional educator who is grappling with an intensely exciting world he had no reason to expect.

You can learn more about David Warlick at:

PIMPING out my Blog

Although I frequently promote the idea that blogs are for communicating, and that the message should be the primary focus of its operation, I am human, and I am not immune to the appeal of cool gimmicks. So you will likely see some interesting little feature on my blog that might cause you to ask, "How did he do that?" Following are a list of the various widgets and plugins that I have installed on 2 Worth - just to help satisfy your sidebar-envy:

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By Courtney Lynne I am an analyst by profession and trend researching is my passion. I also loves to share my knowledge. Get me on Google + and Twitter Find us on Google+

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