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  • Best Cool Math Games

    Best Cool Math Games

    Looking for a list of cool math games for kids? From money to engineering, you name it-these games have it! We've compiled some of the best math games to ...

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  • Best Apps to Make Learning Math Fun

    Best Apps To Make Learning Math Fun

    Take a pocket mathematician with you everywhere. With interactive ways to learn numbers, master multiplication, solve algebraic equations, conquer statisti ...

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  • A Parents Guide to 21st Century learning

    A Parents Guide To 21st Century Learning

    Discover the tools and techniques today's teachers and classrooms are using to prepare students for tomorrow -- and how you can get involved. What should c ...

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  • Flitch Green Academy

    Flitch Green Academy

    Students at the UK public school Flitch Green Academy use iPad, Mac, and iPod touch to create unique learning experiences. Flitch Green is a public element ...

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  • Inventions

    Your Guide to Inventions

    Why is the sky blue? Do birds have ears. Cool science project ideas and activities to help kids appreciate science. Browse our best science picks for activ ...

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  • Help your child improve in test taking

    Help Your Child Improve In Test Taking

    American children must be ready to learn from the first day of school, and of course, preparing children for school is a historic responsibility of parents ...

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  • keeping kids safe on the internet

    Keeping Kids Safe On The Internet

    Introduction While on-line computer exploration opens a world of possibilities for children, expanding their horizons and exposing them to different cultu ...

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  • kindergarten

    Your Guide to Kindergarten

    What are the basic skills my child should be learning in Kindergarten? Learn how you can encourage your child's learning, detect problem areas, and build ...

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  • put reading first

    Put Reading First

    As many teachers and parents will attest, reading failure has exacted a tremendous long-term consequence for children's developing self-confidence and moti ...

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  • language arts

    Your Guide to Language Arts

    The study of Language Arts prepares students to share ideas, feelings and information in various ways. Browse our pick of essential literature, lessons, an ...

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  • science

    Your Guide to Science

    Why is the sky blue? Do birds have ears. Cool science project ideas and activities to help kids appreciate science. Browse our best science picks for activ ...

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